It’s not “What you do with whom” but “Who you go about doing the what with”

These sentences would appear to be the same at first glance. The difference may only be the formation of words. However, my interpretation of both sentences is totally different. I believe that the relation with “whom” should come earlier than the “what to do.” By determining “Whom” you do business with, it is easier to grow and develop an idea into a business organically without the pressure of searching for the “what to do” prior to any actual collaboration . In the midst of doing the “what” with peers, I always keep in mind to “Take the risk, but do not gamble.”

Working with indivisuals that are considered as friends or cutomers gives the development process of a business a completely different aspect that you cannot acquire by a normal path of growing an organization.

Therefore, I work with those who can challenge one another and whom I can learn from on a continuous basis. To me a business is way more than just a vehichle to earn profits from, but rather a vehichle that can also be the point of fruition where long-lasting relationships are made.