Description of Business

In our unique form of “business participation project", we want to connect with people and/or enterprises” with innovation, we want to support you.

By supporting, this refers to not only funding and management advice but utilizing our resource and know-how.

We will use our resources and know-how as much as possible, to think together with our partners and become ‘one' to grow together.

From business development globally to services for specific users, From "B to B" to "B to C", regardless of genre, we aim to actively participate in various services to create business together.

From brainstorming ideas, we want to participate from an early stage of the business development.


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THP Privacy Policy

THPartners Co.,Ltd (collectively "THP", "we", or "our") respects the privacy of personal information collected from our customers and hereby establishes the following stipulations pertaining to the handling of personal information in the possession of THP.
1. Personal Information protection principles
We understand the importance of your personal information and hereby set forth our "Personal Information Protection Guidelines" and "Personal Information Handling Policies".
2. Handling of personal information
THP will implement reasonable security control measures and strictly manage the handling of our customer's personal information. We will manage and maintain our security systems, and provide employee education thoroughly to protect your personal information against unauthorized access, loss, misuse, falsification and divulgence, while taking reasonable steps to ensure the personal information we collect and hold is accurate, complete and up to date.
3. Personal information use purposes
Your personal information may be used by THP for the purpose of contacting you through emails or documents in regards to business announcements and updates, or responding to your inquiries.
4. Third party disclosure
Without the consent of the individual, THP will not provide personal information to any third party. This stipulation shall not apply, however, in the following conditions.
  • Cases where you agree to disclose to a third party.
  • Cases when your personal information is required by strategic partners that work with THP in order to provide products and services to you.
  • If required by law and/or legal processes.
5. Protection of personal information
THP will communicate our Personal Information Protection Guidelines to our employees and strictly enforce privacy safeguards within the company to make sure your personal information is secure. We will take necessary security measures on our database system in accordance to our "Personal Information Handling Policies".
6. Contact
If you have any questions, concerns or complaints about THP's Privacy Policy or if you would like to request suspension of use, please send an email to
7. Procedures of Requesting Notice
THP will respond to consultations, questions and other matters pertaining to personal information such as the followings upon verification of identification when requested from individuals.
  • The purpose of use of private information
  • Information on disclosure
  • Editing personal information
  • Suspension of use of personal information
  • Deletion/Withdraw of personal information
  • Cessation on third party disclosures
An application for "Request for Personal Information Disclosure" should generally be made to the contact listed above. A "Request for Personal Information Disclosure" document will be sent to you upon acceptance of your application. Required details are to be entered in the document and sent back to the following address. Note that in order to protect personal information, THP must confirm that the person requesting the information is the person in question. Please attach identifying documentation (drivers' license, passport, etc.) as evidence that the person requesting the information is the person in question.
  • Attention:
  • Address:
The handling fee for one (1) Request for Personal Information Disclosure is 6.00SGD per request. Please enclose 6.00SGD worth of postage stamps with the required documents. We will send a reply to the address provided on the Request for Personal Information Disclosure in writing.
If you wish to apply for the Request for Personal Information Disclosure by proxy, the following documents must be submitted to prove such appointment of proxy in addition to the documents specified above.
  • Legal Representative
    • A legal documentation of authority of representation
    • A proof of identification of the legal representative
  • Attorney/Agent
    • A proof of power of attorney/agent and a copy of a proof of the grantor’s identification
    • A proof of identification of the attorney/agent
8. Updates
THP may update the content of the Privacy Policy from time to time to further improve of the protection of personal information.


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