Company NameShinko Estate Co.,Ltd.
EstablishedJanuary 10, 2007
Head Office 6-12-1, Nishishinjyuku, Shinjyuku-ku, Tokyo 160-0023
Executive Officer CEO Nobuyoshi Matsuda
Capital30 million yen
Permits/RegistrationsRealtor License Registration Number Tokyo(2)No.94853
Major operations Property Investment services
Company Housing services
Vacant Property Renovation Services
Consulting services

At Shinko Estate, we currently have five major businesses. 
Since founded in 2007, we continue to build on our solid core business in Real Estate Investment.

We offer 'Company Housing Agency Service’’. We act as a broker and management of company housing for different companies which is provided as part of Company Welfare.

‘Vacant Property Service’ which reclaims and utilizes vacant houses within Tokyo that are not in use.
’Consulting Service’ We use our company’s expertise in different fields, to offer consulting services to various businesses.

‘Education Service' that offers an educational method called adaptive learning that involves computers to adjust and provide learning contents according to each students level.

Property Investment Services

We provide consulting services to commercial properties, hotels, apartments, property development and asset management.
Our business concept focuses on long term investment that secure the comfort with superior facilities and functional design that attract inbound guests to serve the need of our clients.

Vacant Property Renovation Services

We provide company housing services to numerous corporations.We utilize our experience that we have aquired through the real estate industry to offer an exclusive one stop service to our clientel.

Vacant Property Renovation Services

The vacant property services offer 「0 YEN RENOVATION PLAN」 for owners of vacant properties within Tokyo city.



Consulting services

Using our company’s expertise in different fields, we also offer consulting services to various businesses.We provide services such as accounting, human resource and administration on a subcontract basis.